Training Effectiveness Assurance

To ensure the effectiveness of the training presented, UKI begins each course by providing our students with a pre-requisite quiz that they complete online before a course of instruction begins. This quiz is specifically designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. The pre-requisite quiz is aligned with baseline knowledge established by the owning certification body. This allows us to determine, before a class begins, what the baseline knowledge level is in that particular class. The results of the pre-requisite quiz are provided to the designated client company POC. This immediate feedback allows the client to make any necessary adjustment to the class population before the training begins. This information is also provided to the instructor allowing him or her to begin their portion of the training at that baseline without "talking over the heads" of some students.

Quality Assurance
At the end of each training event, every student is provided with the end-of-course critique. This critique allows us to receive feedback from the student on the effectiveness of the training and the instructor, and ties directly into our Quality Assurance Plan. These critiques are reviewed by the Training Site Manager, Executive Training Manager, the Director of Training and are provided to the client. If an instructor is identified by the students as having been less than effective, the Director of Training begins an internal counseling and remediation process to address any deficiencies.

Next Step: Certification
Many of the training courses presented are designed to culminate in the professional certification of the student. These results are also recorded, when possible, by the Training Manager to track the effectiveness of the knowledge retention of the students. A pass/fail record is kept on each student. Additionally, this information is also evaluated by the Training Manager and the Director of Training to assess an instructor's effectiveness. These results will be provided to our client as another feedback mechanism to validate the training.

Ensuring the effectiveness of training is an ongoing process that is core area of focus within UKI. Tying the effectiveness of training to our Quality Assurance Plan places greater emphasis on not only the quality of our training, but the total effectiveness of training received by the individual student and their ability to continue to support their organizations.