Mentoring & Student Support Process

Pre Class Support
UKI starts the mentoring and education process well before the classroom event. Once the Training Site Manager and the client have scheduled the students for the training event, the students receive a notification email confirming their registration. The email contains a user account and password to access the UKI Student Portal. A critical component of the Compliance Management Framework, the student portal is a customized interface that allows the student to access their individual training schedule as well as maintaining a virtual training jacket for tracking classes, certifications, on-the job training, and continuing education credits. The student then selects the upcoming training event and is taken to the class website. Each UKI class has a corresponding dedicated class website. The student is instructed to take a short 25 to 50 question prerequisite quiz appropriate for the scheduled class. The quiz is graded and all correct and incorrect answers are detailed and links for further study are provided to each student. This helps to ensure all students are entering the classroom with an understanding of the prerequisite knowledge needed to be successful. The dedicated Training Manager reviews the prerequisite quiz results with the client to allow the client to make any adjustments to the roster to ensure that all of the students are properly prepared to benefit from the class.

The class website also provides a digital copy of the in-class courseware so the student can begin reviewing the material prior to the start of the training event. Trial software mentioned and demonstrated in class is available on the class website to allow the students to explore the technology on their own time. Additional resources are also available on the class website along with vendor endorsed study material preparing the students for the certification event, if applicable, at the close of class. The instructor's email address as well as a dedicated Course Subject Matter Expert (SME) are available via the class message board for each student. They may ask questions of the instructor or the Course SME.

During Class Support
During each UKI course, the students are given daily quizzes. At the end of the first day, the students are given their first take home quiz. The quiz is fill-in-the-blank based on their notes and class material. The following day, the students turn in their take home quiz and are given their first multiple choice quiz, similar to the format of a certification exam. While the students are taking their morning quiz, the instructor grades the takehome quiz and posts the results to the class website (viewable by the Training Manager and the Client Manager). The in-class quiz is reviewed and graded and the instructor posts those results by lunch of the same day. This process is repeated throughout the duration of each training event.

The take-home and in-class quizzes provide two things. First they help the instructor identify any student that may be struggling with certain concepts and, if the entire class is troubled by a certain topic, the instructor may re-emphasize that portion of instruction. Second, the real-time access the Training Manager and Client Manager have to the quiz results helps them determine the effectiveness of the class for each student and the student can be contacted to determine an appropriate course of action (evening mentoring, additional homework, etc).

For all certification courses, the instructor may provide 1 to 3 nights of focused instructor led review. This is generally a 2-hour review for the students that request assistance and for those students identified as needing additional assistance.

Post Class Support
Upon completion of the course, the students will have access to the class website, the SME, as well as the instructor for follow-up questions, advice, and comments. In the unlikely event that the student does not successfully pass a corresponding certification exam, each student will be allowed to re-take the class as many times as necessary, at no additional charge, as an audit seat. A Course SME will be assigned as the student's mentor and will review the student's test results. Together they will develop a plan of action that will assist the student in preparing for a re-test by concentrating on areas that need development. This includes customized study guides, worksheets, and sample test questions approved by the professional certifying body.

Our team is completely dedicated to the success of each class. From initial student enrollment through the training event and certification process, we are available to the student. It is our responsibility to ensure the individual student completely comprehends the material and more importantly, feels comfortable using it in their day-to-day operations of supporting the GIG. Our objective is to provide an experienced advisor to the student who provides guidance along each step in the learning process.