UKI Certifications Renewal Policy

Social media landscape continues to evolve rapidly. As platform developments, improvements and new social media channels continue to be adopted on a mass scale, they open new and unknown areas of potential attacks. In today's competitive and complex information security environment, it is important for all certified professionals to demonstrate to their employers their ongoing competency. All UKI credential holders must comply with the Certification Renewal Policy in order to maintain their certification status.

Your UKI SMSP certification is valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of issue.

You have the following two options to renew your certification:
I. Retake the SMSP Certification Exam
This requires that you pass the current version of the SMSP exam. You will need to purchase an exam voucher from the UKI online store and attempt the exam at an authorized Pearson VUE Testing Center.
NOTE: Current certification renewal voucher price is USD $175. This price is subject to change without prior notice.

II. Enroll in the UKI Continuing Education Program
To ensure that UKI Social Media Security Certified Professionals have the latest knowledge and skills to combat cybersecurity attacks, UKI offers a continuing education program.

1. Continuing education credits requirement
All certified professionals must earn and report a minimum of fifty (50) continuing education credits in a three-year period. All continuing education credits must be reported minimum two (2) weeks before candidate's certification date to comply with the Certification Renewal Policy. Certified candidates can begin reporting continuing education credits at any time following their certification status confirmation. Example: Individual certified on April 14 2013 must report continuing education credits before April 1, 2016. The earned education credits can be applied to all UKI certifications.

NOTE: Attaining a higher level of UKI Certifications, SMEFP or SMMGP, counts as the maximum continuing education credits needed to renew the certification.

2. Continuing education program participation fee
In line with IT industry's continuing education programs, the UKI program includes a participation fee. The USD $40 continuing education program participation payment must be submitted annually, a minimum of two (2) weeks before certified professional's certification anniversary date. Example: Individual certified on April 14, 2013 must remit the annual fee before April 1, 2014. Candidate may also opt to remit the full continuing education payment of USD $120 for the three years up-front.

Continuing Education Credits
Certified professionals can earn continuing education credits through various activities, including attaining other UKI certifications as well as select industry certifications, attending training courses, attending online UKI and industry webinars, industry conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as publishing articles and white papers that cover relevant industry topics. For a list of all approved activities, please login to your SMSP student portal at:

Submitting Continuing Education Credits
To submit your Continuing Education Credits log in to UKI's SMSP Certification Portal at It is your responsibility to submit the correct information before the renewal deadline.

Certification Renewal Audits
UKI reserves the right to conduct random Certification Renewal Audits. If selected for an audit you must provide written records of submitted continuing education activities. Such records must include the name of the attendee, activity title, activity provider, date and description of the activity. Certified professionals must retain written records for the period of 12 months following the end of the first three-year reporting period.

Note that failure to comply with the Certification Renewal Policy as well as failure to provide necessary records during audit will result in revocation of the certification.

Last Update 3/17/2014 12:23 PM PST