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Social Media Security Professional Certification An army of cyber spies and hackers are on a mission to compromise your organization by hacking into your network through social media channels to steal confidential business strategies, intellectual property data, and trade secrets that your organization relies on to stay competitive. These breaches are often executed through the organization's most valued asset: its workforce, who often unknowingly becomes the vehicle for the compromise. Be ready for this new wave of attacks that can have potentially devastating consequences to your organization's operations.

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Recognizing a lack of comprehensive social media security education, Ultimate Knowledge Institute has partnered with the industry's leading certification authority, CompTIA, to design the first social media security examination that tests users' skills in identifying and mitigating social media risk. CompTIA's unparalleled experience in exam development offers a credible and reliable way to validate the skills of the individuals taking the exams in the exploding IT arena of social media.

Social Media Security Certifications
UKI offers three levels of Social Media Security certifications tailored to information security specialists ranging from network security administrators, ethical hackers, and penetration testers to information security directors and chief information security officers. The UKI Social Media Security Certification Program verifies the knowledge and skills necessary to design, operate, integrate and engineer Internet based social media platforms through proprietary Enterprise 2.0 governance frameworks, policies, processes and technologies.

Social Media and Information Security - Why Should We Care?
Social media is among the Internet's biggest achievements. With nearly 850 million monthly users and 100 billion social connections on Facebook alone, there is no doubt that social media dominates our personal communications. But individuals are not alone in using social media. Organizations are increasingly aware of the potential for social networking to address strategic needs and use social media as tools to support marketing efforts, enable greater collaboration, spread important causes and generate change. But undeniably, social networking poses serious security risks, and every organization is a potential victim. Read More

Top 3 Benefits of Social Media Security Certifications to Individuals and Organizations

As social networking continues to rise, the demand for professionals with verified skills in social media security will sharply increase. The UKI Social Media Security Certifications will provide:

  • Validation of your knowledge of social media security and skills necessary to protect critical infrastructure
  • Differentiation from your peers which will boost your confidence
  • Credentials to help you achieve a higher position, raise, and promotion faster - Salary Surveys show that the majority of hiring managers consider certifications a factor in hiring decisions, and that obtaining relevant certifications often leads to a salary increase.

  • Assurance that the certified professional has the knowledge and skills needed to safeguard sensitive information and prevent potentially devastating security breaches resultign from use of social media
  • Strengthen your information security team - a recent study shows that certifications improve team performance by 11%
  • Empower a culture of learning and improvement that increases ROI - studies estimate that every $1 invested in training and certifications provides an average return in revenue of $345

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Three Key Reasons Why Special Ops Forces Should Not Ban
Social Media Despite Increasing Security Risk

By Scott A. Wells, Ph.D.

Cyber warfare is a relatively new frontier with relevance to several Special Operations Forces Core Activities. Although non-kinetic, cyber warfare has the potential to cause serious danger to national security, and includes denial of service, monitoring, and theft of personal or sensitive information. Among the most ubiquitous tools in the arsenal of the cyber warrior is Social Media. Forrester Research estimates that 76% of enterprises allow access to social networking sites from corporate and military networks, and the use of social media as an attack vector to target those users will exponentially increase in 2012 and beyond.

This White Paper discusses information security risks associated with social media and highlights the benefits of social media networking to support critical missions when governed by policies and personnel training.

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