ATP Program FAQs

  1. Why should I join the UKI ATP Program?
    By joining our ATP program you will have access to IT industry's first and most comprehensive Social Media Security certification training courses. This will enable you to realize new revenue opportunities, gain a competitive edge and strengthen your customer loyalty. Please review the benefits section of our website and the "Top 3 Reasons to Partner with UKI".

  2. I reviewed the ATP requirements and I'm ready to register our training center as an Authorized Training Partner. What do I do?
    Please fill out the ATP Application form by clicking on this link: Once you submit this information, you will receive your login details for our ATP Portal where you can finalize the application process.

  3. How long will it take for my ATP application form to be reviewed?
    It will take approximately 2 weeks (10 business days) for UKI to review your application from the moment it is submitted through our ATP Portal.

  4. I would like to review the entire ATP application form before submitting it for your approval. How can I do that?
    You will have access to the full ATP Application portal after you submit your initial information on our application page. Once logged in to the ATP Portal, you will be able to review the full ATP Agreement along with Pricing and other policies. You may cancel your ATP application at any time.

  5. Is the ATP program open for applications from training centers outside of the United States?
    Yes. UKI's Authorized Training Partner (ATP) program is open to global partnerships.

  6. Is there a fee for participation in the ATP program?
    There is an initial sign-up fee of USD 800.00 for the first year of the ATP program membership. The ATPs are subject to an annual renewal fee of USD 400.00.

  7. My training center has multiple locations. Do I need to register all my branches separately?
    No. You only need to submit one application form. However, you must list all branches that will be delivering the official UKI training. There is no additional fee for registering multiple branches.

  8. Does my training center have to have prior expertise in Information Technology and/or Information Security Training delivery?
    Yes. Your training center must be focused on delivering information technology and/or cybersecurity training.

  9. Instructor requirements
  10. Are there any specific requirements for my instructors who will deliver UKI training?
    Yes. All instructors who will deliver UKI training courses must be certified in those courses as UKI Certified Instructors (UKICI).

  11. Are there any other requirements for UKI Certified Instructors (UKICIs)?
    Yes. All UKICIs must possess either a current Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) or a current CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT) credential and a current CompTIA Security+ certification.

  12. My training center offers courses from multiple providers. Do all of my instructors need to become UKICIs?
    No. Only instructors who will teach the UKI training courses will have to be certified.

  13. What happens if I don't register a minimum of one (1) UKICI?
    You have three (3) months to designate a UKI Certified Instructor (UKICI) from the moment you become an ATP. Failure to designate a UKICI in that time frame may result in UKI revoking your ATP status.

  14. Additional questions
    I have additional questions. Who do I contact? Please send us an email at or call 1.505.750.8838.

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